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Announcing Zearn Math for Intervention

January 2020
By Shalinee Sharma, Zearn CEO and Co-Founder

I am so excited to announce Zearn Math for Intervention launching this summer for the 2020–21 school year.

Zearn Math for Intervention, like Zearn, is born from the wisdom of teachers. Teachers asked us for intervention supports that allow students to make sense of math and more readily access grade-level learning. They also asked for intervention that coherently links to daily core instruction. So often, students who need more support receive digital interventions focused on disconnected skill building.Zearn Math for Intervention builds upon our top-rated materials and incorporates new features to give teachers the right flexibility, guidance, and visibility to support intervention. You can learn more about the program in this press release.

We built Zearn Math for Intervention considering numerous case studies where teachers and schools used Zearn Math’s top-rated digital lessons in new ways and drove strong student results. You could say they smartly hacked Zearn Math, and we watched and learned. For example, we have been learning from an Arizona district that shows the outsized impact Zearn Math digital lessons can have in an intervention context. The district used Zearn Math as a daily intervention to support students in accessing grade-level learning. Across the board, students who consistently used Zearn Math digital lessons as a daily intervention were significantly more likely to reach proficiency on the annual Arizona state math assessment relative to other students using other high-quality curricula alone. And students who had struggled the most in prior grades grew the fastest with this intervention. In other words, Zearn Math usage was tied to increased student achievement across the board, and also helped to close the gap between low- and high-performing students.

If you want to get more involved, please consider signing up or donating to support our work. Thank you for your continued partnership to ensure all children love learning math.

With warmest regards,
Shalinee Sharma
Zearn CEO & Co-founder