Consistent Zearn usage during pandemic learning disruptions mitigated learning loss—for students at all levels of math proficiency and across district contexts:

This new finding is based on an analysis of state assessment scores fromSpring 2019 and Spring 2021, focusing on two large districts with different learning disruption contexts; in the first district, instruction was in person for all of the 2020–21 academic year, and in the second district, student learning was remote for the majority of 2020–21.

Researchers found:

  • Across districts, students who used Zearn experienced growth in their scores from 2019 to 2021—using Zearn resulted in significant improvement in scores growth for students at all levels of math proficiency.
  • In a district where school was primarily in-person, students who used Zearn met or exceeded state benchmark growth across all levels of proficiency—growing more than two grade levels in two years.
  • In a district where instruction was primarily remote, Zearn reduced learning loss for all students—students at standard who used Zearn had 0.9 years of learning gains, while students who did not fell behind 0.7 years over the course of 2 years.

While many factors influence student achievement, one factor is clear: consistent Zearn usage is strongly associated with dramatic reductions in learning loss during the pandemic. As we work collectively to help all students get back on track, this research study provides promising evidence that Zearn’s approach can help all students catch up and move forward.

Zearn teacher helping kids with math online

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