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Navigation guide

Download this step-by-step guide to navigating Zearn's digital math platform.

Materials & manipulatives

Looking for printed materials or manipulatives? Learn more about purchasing teacher and student workbooks and concrete manipulatives kits.

Webinar library

Recordings of webinars to learn more about Zearn Math and our approach. Webinars cover topics like our approach to assessments, supporting English language learners, etc.

Professional development

Review teaching strategies for every math unit to decide how best to support your students. There are 40 sessions to choose from, covering every objective of K-5 math.

Standards alignment guides

Our state standards alignment guides are designed to support a detailed review of our instructional materials. Each guide includes a detailed analysis of how Zearn Math aligns with specific state standards.

Family support

Looking for ways to support success with Zearn Math for your child? We offer resources in English and Spanish.

Efficacy research

Students who learn with Zearn experience two times the growth on state assessments. Explore efficacy research.

Case studies

Learn about how educators across the country are using Zearn to support their students’ love of learning math.

Product list

Zearn is free for all individual teachers and classrooms—always. For schools and districts, we offer paid accounts with extra features as well as printed materials.

Designed for acceleration

Differentiated support is built into grade-level learning. Because we've amassed the largest dataset on K-8 math learning, we can pinpoint the specific content students need to both catch up and move forward in their grade-level learning.

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