Front cover of a book by Shalinee Sharma called Math Mind: The Simple Path To Loving Math

Discover a future where math is for everyone.

One of the first math lessons we’re taught is that, unlike in reading or writing, only some kids are meant to be math kids. If you’ve ever felt like you were not one of those kids, this book is for you.

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Interested in buying multiple copies?
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“Whether you were a math kid or not, your own kid needs to be. What's more, whether you thought of yourself as a math kid or not, you were. Part manifesto, part reflection, part how-to guide — Math Mind will convince you that math is a language anyone can learn when properly taught, and a joy that’s never too late or too early to discover.”
Angela Duckworth
New York Times bestselling author, Grit, and Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Book about math for adults

Bust the math myths that are holding you and your kids back and learn the importance of numeracy with this one-of-a-kind resource for parents, educators, and policymakers.

Shalinee Sharma is one of the world’s top experts on math learning, but when she was in school, she sat in the back row, unsure if she could ever master the subject. Many of us buy into the idea that some people are innately good at math and others just won’t ever succeed at it — but it’s not true, and numeracy is as important as literacy when it comes to opening doors in life.

Sharma shows how complex problem solving and puzzle solving, abstract and logical thinking, developing fluency with numbers, and cultivating persistence in math are crucial skills for success that can be taught to everyone, and how math, far from being a dry, dull exercise, shares common ground with art and creativity. She also debunks the myths that prevent us from learning and enjoying math, with chapters dedicated to the three roadblocks that discourage adults and kids from learning.

With instructive line drawings throughout, Sharma explains the math instinct that all humans have from birth, and better, more intuitive ways to solve math problems that are both rigorous and accessible. For anyone who has ever thought you’re “bad at math” but wants to get good — for your children and yourself — Math Mind contains the guidance, takeaways, and specific approaches you need to learn to love numbers.

“This book should be read by every parent and educator — those who love math and, especially, those who think they do not.”
New York Times bestselling author, Cribsheet, and CEO & Founder of ParentData
“If I had a magic wand, I’d want every parent and math teacher in America to read this book. Shalinee Sharma proves that math can be creative, beautiful, wondrous and soothing, and it should be taught that way.”
New York Times bestselling author, The Smartest Kids in the World
“This brilliant book opens the doors to the future of math education. It is hands down the most engaging and best-researched book on learning math I’ve ever encountered. Don’t miss this masterpiece — the children in your life will thank you as they flourish.”
Barbara Oakley, PhD
Author of the bestselling A Mind for Numbers and instructor of Coursera’s online course favorite Learning How to Learn
“Shalinee Sharma proves that math anxiety stems from how it is taught, not the difficulty of the subject. There is no math gene and anyone can develop a math mind. I will be using this book to teach my son how to solve math problems and to prove that systematic learning is creative and fun! If you love math, read this book! If you’re scared of math, definitely read this book!”
Author of Quit Like a Millionaire
“In this timely and accessible book, Shalinee Sharma challenges not only the way we’ve been teaching math but also the way we’ve been conceptualizing it — as the province of a select few. She demonstrates that all kids can be ‘math kids,’ enjoying not only a greater chance of success in life but also an appreciation of the beauty of numbers.”
Author of The Knowledge Gap
Shalinee Sharma Zearn Cofounder, CEO and Author of the book titled Math Mind: The Simple Path to Loving Math


Cofounder and CEO of Zearn

Shalinee Sharma is a math expert and the CEO and cofounder of Zearn, a nonprofit educational organization behind the top-rated math-learning platform used by one in four elementary-school students and by one million middle-school students nationwide. In addition to her role at Zearn, she serves on the Braven board of directors, is a Pahara-Aspen Fellow, and serves as cochair of the Brown University Advisory Council for the College. She has a master of business administration from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University. A child of refugees, Sharma is passionate about universal access to an excellent education.


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