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Paid accounts provide the flexibility and support to implement Zearn Math across a school or district. Compare accounts and check out our pricing below.

Zearn math free account for teachers


Teachers & individual classrooms: Always free. Access to our top-rated math platform and all Zearn Math instructional materials for up to 35 students and 1 teacher.

School Account:
$2,500 per year. Includes materials access for all of the students, teachers and administrators within one school, plus premium features and content to support implementation.

Zearn helps teachers with professional development.

Professional Development

Included with school accounts: Access to Getting Started with Zearn Math, a 1-hour orientation to your Zearn account. Each session explores instructional materials and reports, as well as shares guidance for implementing Zearn Math in your daily schedule.

Curriculum Study PD: 
$2,500 per year. Includes access to on-demand Curriculum Study PD for all teachers and administrators within one school. School Account required.

Dedicated PD: 
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Zearn math student workbooks for school districts.

Printed Materials

Teacher Edition: $110 per teacher. Includes Course Guide, Mission books, and assessments to support teachers to implement daily instruction that meets the needs of each student.

Student Edition: $20 per student. Consumable student curriculum workbook, including application and practice problems, templates, and exit tickets for students to use alongside instruction, as well as Student Notes for Independent Digital Lessons.

Student Notes Book: $12 per student. Includes all student-facing materials needed for using Zearn Math digital lessons: Student Notes for Independent Digital Lessons and Goal Trackers to set and track weekly goals. Adhesive binding, 3-hole punched, and perforated pages.

Student works on math on Zearn

Interim Assessments

$8 per student. Curriculum-aligned grade-level interim assessments for Zearn provide actionable data on student progress across units. Includes three digital assessments per grade-level and training on how to use the assessment platform. Interims sold through our exclusive partner, ANet.

Zearn manipulatives kit for enhanced math learning.

Manipulatives Kits

Pricing varies by grade level. Everything classrooms need to conduct rich, hands-on learning. Available for purchase through Hand2Mind.

Zearn teacher helping kids with math online

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