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Zearn multiplies the impact of core math instruction through grade-level lessons with built-in differentiation.

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 are at the center of everything we do.

Our learning principles guide and inform every touchpoint in the Zearn journey.

Math is for everyone.

And role models matter. All kids should be able to see someone like themselves in math learning.

Math is more than memorization.

Anchoring abstract concepts in pictures and the concrete leads to deep understanding.

Mistakes are magic.

We learn by trying to do things we can't do yet.

There’s more than “one right way.”

Exploring different ways to solve problems unlocks creativity with math.

Math is a few big ideas.

And there’s always a way in. When kids learn math as a few big ideas rather than a series of tricks, they can tackle any problem.

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  • Focus & Coherence
  • Rigor & Mathematical Practices
  • Usability
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Used as a standalone curriculum or alongside your existing curriculum, Zearn digital lessons are coherently connected to the math you are teaching in your classroom.

It’s part of a whole.

With Zearn, kids learn the same concept twice—once with their teacher and once in our digital lessons—so they gain a deep understanding of math. All materials are top-rated, crafted to represent everyone, and backed by research to deliver results.

Digital math lessons and flexible teaching materials to support teachers and students
Digital math lessons
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