research: Accelerate, Don't Remediate

Students who experienced learning acceleration struggled less and learned more than students who started at the same level but experienced remediation instead.


acceleration with Zearn

Our research-backed and evidence-based approach helps all kids catch-up and move forward with their learning. We offer top-rated, comprehensive resources that can be accessed anytime from school, home, or anywhere in between!

Dynamic digital lessons for

every day

of instruction

Digital math lessons that work alongside your instruction, for every objective of elementary math (and soon, middle school, too).

Tier 1 intervention

built into every digital lesson

Personalized Boosts address unfinished learning in the context of new learning, helping students make connections and accelerate.

Foundational content


for every math objective

Kickstart Lessons to start off each unit plus targeted intervention Bookmark Lessons help teachers quickly identify and assign strategic foundational content from prior grades.

Coherent and comprehensive materials for


Detailed reports, lesson plans, and tutor-specific accounts designed for tutors with a range of teaching experience.

Looking for summer math?

Access our Summer Intensive Series - free for individual teachers and classrooms!


You’re just a few clicks away from getting your kids’ brains growing, absolutely free.