Say goodbye to digital math practice.
Say hello to digital math learning.

1:1 Concept exploration, for every


Zearn includes:

On-screen teachers, teaching
Video lessons double down on the learning students are doing with you.

Visualization of every concept
Pictures and models bring meaning to abstract math concepts.

Interactive problem solving
Always with precise feedback so students learn from their mistakes.

Entry points into math, no matter their starting point. 

Zearn includes:

Friendly on-ramps in every lesson
Concept development is designed to activate what kids know. 

Multiple ways to solve problems
Every student has opportunities to choose their own strategy in math. 

Support to get started on tough problems
The scaffolding students need to find their way in. 

Multiple layers of intervention, all


Zearn includes:

Tier 1 intervention in every lesson
Just-in-time support responds to evolving learning needs

Digital assessments, embedded into learning
Teachers know when -- and where -- students need more support. 

Foundational lessons for deeper intervention
Tailored recommendations from our K-8 math library, coherently connected to what you are teaching (available to School Accounts only)

Plus, math tutoring content

Detailed reports, lesson plans, and tutor-specific accounts designed for tutors with a range of teaching experience.

Coming soon: Summer 2022 Math

Each Series consists of top-rated materials that can be used flexibly across summer programs.


You’re just a few clicks away from getting your kids’ brains growing, absolutely free.