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Consistent Zearn usage significantly increases Tennessee state math test scores

2023 TCAP Math Results
Impact of Zearn Math on spring i-Ready diagnostic scores by placement level graph
Research study on the impact of Zearn Math shows students have significant growth in i-Ready diagnostic scores

A new, quasi-experimental research study analyzing 2023 TCAP math performance growth shows any dosage of Zearn increases scale scores.

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Key findings:

To analyze the impact of Zearn Math on Tennessee student achievement, researchers used a quasi-experimental research method to measure 2023 TCAP math performance growth differences between students who used Zearn Math consistently and a matched comparison group that did not use Zearn. Drawing from a sample of 3,000 Tennessee students, matched students had similar 2022 TCAP math and English language arts scores and have similar student characteristics across academic and demographic factors.

Researchers found that students using Zearn achieved greater math gains than matched peers who did not use the platform. Students who completed 3+ grade-level lessons weekly experienced a 7-point increase in TCAP math scores, with greater gains across student subgroups.