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Zearn Math is grounded in teacher practice, education research, and brain science. All Zearn Math materials have been co-developed with teachers and field-tested for the past 9 years to support both engagement and learning for all students. Zearn Math has been top-rated by EdReports and by state Departments of Education across the country, and meets the Every Student Succeeds Act’s (ESSA) criteria for “evidence-based” programs.


Studies have found that learning with Zearn Math increases student achievement and engagement with math — for all kids. Students who complete daily digital lessons alongside instruction have double the learning gains of a typical year of instruction.

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SRI Report finds that teachers substantially improved Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) with Zearn PD

A case study analysis by SRI Education & TERC of teachers using Zearn Math Curriculum Study Professional Development found the majority of teachers substantially improved their Pedagogical Content Knowledge, an important indicator of a teachers’ ability to teach mathematics.

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Study covering 150K students statewide finds high Zearn Math usage associated with improved state test scores

Researchers compared 2018–19 LEAP scores across nearly 800 Louisiana public elementary schools and found that schools with high Zearn Math usage saw a greater proportion of students reach the Mastery level (or higher) relative to schools with low/no Zearn Math usage.

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Students learning with Zearn Math demonstrate notably higher likelihood of meeting SBAC proficiency standards

An analysis of 2018-19 California SBAC results shows that students learning with Zearn Math were over 50% more likely to reach proficiency. The impact of Zearn Math was even higher in schools with large populations of English Language Learners.

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Providing Data to Inform Policymakers

The Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker, developed by economists at Harvard and Brown universities, combines data from partners across sectors with independent academic analysis to give a real-time look at American economic activity. Two of the key indicators are math participation and progress, for which Zearn has provided aggregated and anonymized Zearn Math data showing activity and lesson completion over time for students using the platform before closures, offering policymakers a view into how the current crisis is impacting math education at a local level and informing tailored solutions for students across the country.

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