Accelerate math learning recovery with Zearn

A research-backed approach to help students efficiently catch-up while moving forward in their grade-level learning.

Our downloadable Approach to Math Acceleration is a comprehensive guide to support accelerated learning in math. Our program accelerates recovery for all students by integrating intervention support in the context of new learning. 

Download Zearn Approach to Math Acceleration

Summer 2021

Summer Intensive Series with essential math content for each grade

A curated set of digital math lessons in a prioritized sequence to ensure a strong start to 2021-22 grade-level learning. Materials can be used flexibly across summer school models, tutoring programs, or targeted interventions. 

2021-22 Academic Year: Core Instruction

Daily digital math lessons with built-in Tier 1 intervention

400 hours of digital math lessons that work alongside your curriculum, with personalized Boosts that address unfinished learning in the context of new learning. Research shows that schools whose students complete Zearn Math digital lessons alongside daily instruction exhibit higher academic growth relative to schools that use HQIM alone.

2021-22 Academic Year: Core Instruction

Upfront foundational support for every unit

Our newly released "Kickstart Lessons" offer 10-15 foundational lessons placed strategically throughout each grade that offer an opportunity to re-engage with discrete concepts critical to grade-level learning. Kickstart Lesson guidance is intentionally hyper-targeted; recent analysis showed that students that learned with targeted foundational content before grade-level learning during the 2020–21 school year exhibited less struggle compared to students who learned with foundational content only.

2021-22 Academic Year: Additional or Extended Time

Targeted intervention lesson recommendations

Zearn's embedded daily diagnostic assesses learning and automatically launches Tier 1 support. If students need additional support, teachers are given individualized intervention recommendations, assignable to students with a single click. Students can see both their intervention and grade-level assignments in Zearn’s online math platform.

2021-22 Academic Year: Additional or Extended Time

Tutoring materials aligned to core math learning

Zearn Reports help tutors identify and support each student’s specific needs, and tutoring lesson materials deepen understanding of the content students are learning with their teacher during core math time.  

Example Schedules with Zearn

Summer 2021
Schedule A - Summer School
Schedule B - At Home or Outside of School

2021-22 Academic Year
Schedule A - Zearn as Core Curriculum
Schedule B - Zearn as Complement to HQIM