Summer Lesson Plans and Revised Scope and Sequences

Learning Recovery with Zearn Math

Our collective focus is on recovering learning during the summer and through the 2020-2021 academic year. We are here to help administrators and teachers support students to stay on track and mitigate the COVID-19 education interruption.  Learning Recovery with Zearn Math includes:

  • Summer learning recovery lessons by grade, including student and educator resources

  • 2020-21 academic year learning recovery plan, including revised scope and sequences with an upfront diagnostic assessment mission and intervention guidance by grade level


Summer program

A summer program with Zearn Math can be done in a school structure or at home with parents/ caregivers. Each summer plan includes the critical content and corresponding materials.


Learning to count with deep understanding. Students should build number sense to 20 to prepare for addition and subtraction.


Building place value foundations. Students should deeply learn two-digit addition and subtraction strategies.


Mastering addition and subtraction. Students should work through multi-digit subtraction and addition with regrouping.


Understanding fractions as numbers. Students should study the concept of fractions as numbers to work with mathematically.


Understanding fraction equivalence and decimals. Students should work deeply with adding and multiplying fractions and learning about the equivalence between fractions and decimals.


Mastering operations with whole numbers and fractions. Students should work deeply with fractions and decimals, and be introduced to the coordinate plane.

Quick Start Overviews

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Revised diagnostic and scope & sequences

Amended schedules that incorporate prioritized math concepts from the prior grade, while enabling teachers to teach grade-level instruction.

Sample Grade 5 Scope and Sequence

As a nonprofit committed to high-quality learning for all kids, we are here to help

Include Zearn in a full district- or school-wide learning recovery plan with additional implementation supports including:

  • District- and School-wide Reports to precisely track and identify students who have completed, or at risk of missing  critical math content

  • Intervention Features and Guidance to ensure teachers and schools have the flexibility to support each student with accessing grade-level math

  • On-demand, Unit-level Professional Development to help teachers explore math content and teaching strategies within and across grades

Want to learn more about our implementation supports? Contact the Zearn team.