Zearn for Texas teachers is here!

Hey Texas teachers! Zearn Math is now TEKS-aligned and available for free to all Texas teachers and students. Create an account to get access to all the materials!

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What you get

Daily digital math lessons where kids independently learn and practice the same concepts they are learning with you, with real-time feedback and built-in math help. Plus, daily lesson plans that help you facilitate math learning that builds deep understanding and flexible problem-solving skills. All for free, always.

Dynamic digital math lessons that work alongside your instruction

With Zearn, kids independently learn and practice the same concepts they are learning in your classroom. Studies show that completing 3 Zearn Math digital lessons weekly alongside daily instruction leads to learning gains equivalent to 140 additional instructional days a year.

Just-in-time intervention built into every lesson

Every lesson includes personalized boosts that scaffold learning exactly when kids need it, getting them to deep understanding — fast.

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Notifications when students need more support

Daily diagnostics provide real-time data so you know how your kids are progressing and when they need additional interventions.

Materials for Texas students, teachers and tutors

A comprehensive program, all accessible on Zearn's online platform.

Student Materials
  • 24/7 online student math platform with daily digital math lessons that include fluency, concept development, and independent practice

  • Embedded daily diagnostic that assesses understanding and automatically launches support

  • Embedded accessibility features to support English Language Learners and students with disabilities

Teacher & Tutor Materials
  • Reports that provide real-time data so teachers know how kids are progressing and when they need additional support

  • Individualized intervention recommendations, assignable to students with a single click

  • Resources that can be used by teachers and tutors to build deep understanding of concepts and flexible problem solving skills


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