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Zearn is the top-rated math learning platform that helps kids explore concepts, discover meaning, and make sense of math. Free for teachers, always.

Zearn Math has over 1000 digital math lessons that cover every objective of K-8 math
Free online math program for elementary and middle school teachers and students


Students gained 11 weeks of math learning with Zearn digital lessons

who used Zearn gained an additional 11 weeks of math learning in one school year.

Zearn Math can be used as a standalone curriculum or alongside your existing curriculum with online math lessons
Curriculum +
digital math lessons
Zearn Math is used by 1 in 4 elementary students and more than 1 million middle-school students nationwide
Used by 1 in 4
elementary students
Zearn Math is created for teachers, by teachers
Made by teachers,
for teaching

How Zearn works.

Learning with Zearn Math gives kids more opportunity to learn math, always connected to core instruction.

Elementary students learning math from their teacher in their classroom

Kids learn math concepts from their teacher, in the classroom.

Online math programs for elementary and middle school students with tablets
Instructional videos led by on-screen teachers with visual models

They log in to Zearn and explore grade-level math with onscreen teachers, visual models and digital manipulatives.

Digital lessons include visual models and concrete representations to bring meaning to math concepts
Online learning program with built-in differentiated support to help kids learn from their mistakes

When kids struggle, they get built-in differentiated support to help them learn from their mistakes and keep moving forward.

How Zearn Math websites for elementary students work
Quotes from teachers about how students are engaged with Zearn Math
Quotes from educators who use Zearn Math for online learning

Zearn has helped my students build their math confidence and be able to engage more during math class.


Zearn helps me differentiate instruction for each student.


The growth I’ve seen in my own classroom speaks for itself.


Zearn has tons of resources, the kids enjoy it, and most of all, they learn.

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by teachers,

for teaching.

In a Fall 2022 survey of over 1,000 teachers, 90% of teachers said they would recommend that other teachers use Zearn Math because of Zearn’s connection to core math instruction and built-in support.

Learning is priceless. It’s also


 Free access to our top-rated math platform and all Zearn Math instructional materials for up to 35 students and 1 teacher
Zearn Math digital lessons

For individual teachers and classrooms. Always.

We’re a nonprofit, so we’re not driven by dollars—everything we do, offer, and make has one goal: to help kids love learning math.

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