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approach to Summer Series

Zearn’s targeted summer content series for rising 1st through 9th graders is designed based on:

Big ideas of math that help students build dense connections within and across grades.

Data from 9.9+ Bn problems completed on our platform, with insights into precisely where students struggle and the most relevant foundational content.

Embedded learning acceleration throughout the Zearn program, including friendly onramps and just-in-time support on all grade-level concepts.

What you get

Each grade-level series has 30-minute digital lessons that kids complete independently, along with resources for teachers and tutors to use alongside each lesson. All lessons can be used flexibly in summer programs and can be accessed 24/7 from school, home, or anywhere in between!

Summer 2022 Series

Curated content to help kids catch-up and move forward with their learning. Each series is based on data from billions of problems completed on Zearn and designed to accelerate learning for the 22-23 academic year.

Rising 1st Graders in Fall 2022

Students practice counting, addition, embedded numbers, and decomposing and composing numbers up to 20 using interactive five frames, ten frames, and number bonds.

Learning to count | 170 Digital Activities


Rising 2nd Graders in Fall 2022

Students work with counting strategies before moving to more sophisticated decomposition and composition strategies.

Building place value foundations | 23 Digital Lessons


Rising 3rd Graders in Fall 2022

Students focus on the capstone content of K–2: a deep understanding of the base ten system and flexibly being able to add and subtract.

Mastering addition & subtraction | 20 Digital Lessons


Rising 4th Graders in Fall 2022

Students work deeply with multiplication and division, focusing on factors 0-10 and the commutative, distributive, and associative properties.

Work with multiplication & division | 37 Digital Lessons


Rising 5th Graders in Fall 2022

Students work deeply with adding and multiplying fractions, and learn about the equivalence between fractions and decimals.

Fraction equivalence & decimals | 53 Digital Lessons


Rising 6th Graders in Fall 2022

Students work deeply and perform arithmetic operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Fractions & decimal operations | 48 Digital Lessons


Rising 7th Graders in Fall 2022

Students develop understanding of ratios and rates, which will be the foundations of proportional relationships and linear equations.

Ratios, rates & arithmetic in base ten | 44 Digital Lessons


Rising 8th Graders in Fall 2022

Students focus on 3 big ideas introduced in G7: proportional relationships, arithmetic with signed numbers and solving multi-step equations.

Proportional relationships & equations | 50 Digital Lessons


Rising 9th Graders in Fall 2022

Students deepen their understanding of linear functions and linear equations to help set them up for Algebra I.

Linear functions & relationships | 49 Digital Lessons


Summer Series for Middle School

Schools and districts with a Zearn School Account have access to our content for rising 7th, 8th, and 9th graders as part of our Middle School Pilot.


Zearn math book and notebook for students to learn math.

Create a free account to get access to all content. For districts and schools interested in targeted Spring/Summer 2022 programs, contact us.