Learn more about how Zearn Math supports hybrid and virtual learning plans.

Top-rated instructional materials

Designed by teachers, for teaching

Zearn Math connects hands-on instruction and immersive digital learning. The result? You can ensure every one of your students has multiple pathways into content, unlocking deep learning.

Top rated

Zearn Math received a top rating across all three review gateways: Focus & Coherence, Rigor & Mathematical Practices, and Usability.

Comprehensive instructional materials

Flexible materials that can be used across in-person, hybrid, and remote instructional models.

Teacher Materials
  • Daily lesson plans to support teachers with facilitating learning that builds deep understanding of concepts and flexible problem solving skills

  • Real-time progress reports and notifications when students need additional support

  • Foundational lesson guidance based on six billion problems completed on Zearn's platform

  • PD for every unit of instruction

Student Materials
  • 24/7 online student math platform with digital lessons that include fluency, concept development, and independent practice with built-in math help

  • Embedded daily diagnostic that assesses understanding and automatically launches support

  • Embedded accessibility features to support English Language Learners and students with disabilities

How Zearn Math works

Kids learn the same concept twice. Once with you and once independently in one of 800+ curriculum-aligned digital lessons.

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2x the learning gains of a typical year of instruction

Studies have found that learning with Zearn Math increases student achievement and engagement with math — for all kids. Students who complete daily digital lessons alongside instruction have double the learning gains of a typical year of instruction.

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Engaging and accessible,
by design

A set of foundational learning principles guides the design of Zearn Math. Combined, they create a math learning and teaching experience where all kids can love learning math.

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Case Studies

Coming soon: Middle School

Teachers asked, we answered. We are creating a rigorous, supportive, and engaging 6th–8th grade curriculum that helps teachers make middle school math accessible for all kids.

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