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Distance Learning with Zearn Math


These are unprecedented times. Thanks to donations, our K-5 curriculum – including 400 hours of digital lessons with on-screen teachers and supportive remediation – is available for free during this time through no-cost individual accounts. Kids, teachers, parents, and caregivers can access all our top-rated content 24/7, including paper-based materials that can be used without a device.


Get started quickly with Zearn Math

Want to quickly get up and running? Watch our recorded webinars below. Each webinar concludes with addressing frequently asked questions.

Distance Learning CHecklist

Quick-start instructions for using Zearn Math

Using Zearn Math as a part of your distance learning plan? Use this checklist for guidance and contact our team at with any questions.

  • Assign content. If students are not currently using Zearn Math, we recommend they work on review content to strengthen critical foundations. View Recommended Assignments by Grade from our curriculum team. If your students are part of the two million kids already using Zearn Math, have them continue where they left off.  
  • Send home paper materials. These include student notes that accompany independent digital learning, which support knowledge transfer and strengthen understanding. Paper problem sets can be used for students without access to devices or the internet. Follow these instructions for accessing and printing materials.
  • Set digital lesson goals. Each digital lesson takes about 30 minutes to complete. Many teachers ask students to complete one digital lesson each day during school closures and send home goal trackers. Download and print weekly goal trackers.
  • Send training webinars and videos to your team. Attend a Zearn webinar for training on the reports administrators and teachers can use to support and monitor student learning. We also offer a short video tutorial in the sharable videos section, below.
  • Share parent/caregiver packs. Each pack includes information on how to support kids with logging in as well as short video that introduces the student experience. Below, you can find links to the packs as well as a direct link to the video.


Quick-start instructions for using Zearn Math outside of school

Parents and caregivers can access our top-rated instructional materials directly through no-cost Individual Accounts. To get started as a parent/caregiver, follow the instructions in the packs below. We recommend administrators and teachers share these with parents/caregivers directly.

Click here to access the Parent/Caregiver Pack

Haga clic aquí para acceder al paquete para los padres


Video overviews to get started quickly

I highly recommend Zearn Math to districts that are looking for ways to continue the delivery of math instruction and the continued learning for students.
District math coach, san antonio, texas

Learning Recovery with Zearn Math

Our collective focus is on recovering learning during the summer and through the 2020-2021 academic year. Visit our Learning Recovery page to view summer guidance by grade, including recommended critical lesson content for students and educators based on missed learnings.

We feel it too. It's been an intense week, feels like a year time. We needed some joy and so we gathered some diversions and doodles along the way. Hope you like it too.