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Learning Recovery Plan for Grade 4

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Fourth grade is a big year in mathematics. Students learn multi-digit multiplication and division. They explore geometry. They work deeply with fractions and begin to work with decimals.

Summer Learning Recovery

In 4th grade, students would be adding and multiplying fractions and would learn about decimals as an extension of fractions for the first time in their mathematical careers!

To master the critical content, current 4th grade students should complete the following ~40 Zearn Math digital lessons:

2020-2021 In-School Learning Recovery

Thumbnail Learning Recovery Scope and Sequence

Revised scope and sequence, by grade-level

Amended schedules that incorporate prioritized math concepts from the prior grade, while enabling teachers to teach grade-level instruction.

Distance learning resources

Webinars, checklists, overview videos and parent packs to get your students up and running.

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