ZEARN Math in Louisiana

Accelerate math learning for Louisiana students

Zearn Math is a nonprofit, K-8 math platform used by thousands of teachers in Louisiana to complement their instruction.

Zearn online learning platform helps K-8 students learn Louisiana math standards
All Louisiana schools and districts will have free access to Zearn through the 2024-2025 school year as a part of LDOE’s statewide Math Refresh initiative.  

Explore resources and free training to support your implementation. 

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Introductory webinar: High-dosage tutoring with Zearn Math
Join a live webinar with the Zearn team to learn more about how Zearn's platform supports tutors to flexibly lead personalized tutoring sessions.

Zearn Math 2024 Summer Intensive Series

Explore targeted math content designed to help Louisiana students catch up and move forward in math learning this summer. Each 4-to-6-week series is designed to flexibly support summer math learning during in-school programming, tutoring or at home.  

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Zearn in your community

Thousands of Louisiana teachers are already using Zearn Math to help students catch up and move forward in math learning.

Quote from math teacher on how Zearn gives students another opportunity to deeply explore the same math concepts they’re learning with teachers
Zearn is like having a co-teacher in my class reinforcing everything I teach.
Quote from math teacher on how consistent Zearn usage helped with student growth
I like that it complements the daily lessons I teach in class. I saw growth in my students last year after we were intentional in doing Zearn daily.
Quote from math teacher appreciating the multiple layers of differentiated support built into Zearn digital lessons
I really appreciate the built-in scaffolding that Zearn provides when students struggle. I love how engaged students are with the independent digital lessons.

Start learning with Zearn this summer

With the CDE Zearn license, free access to Zearn Math starts this summer and continues through the 2023–2024 school year. Opt in now to start using Zearn's Summer Intensive Series across your school or district.
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If you’re currently using Zearn or want to get started in your school or district, complete the LDOE form to opt in to free access through the 2024-2025 school year.

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