Give your students 

more ways

 to engage with math

Give your students more ways to engage with math.

Increase math engagement for middle school students with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math lessons

Zearn for Middle School gives students another opportunity to deeply explore the same concepts they’re learning with you, with built-in support when they need it.

New Grade 7 digital lessons and teaching materials are now available in all Zearn accounts!

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More opportunity

 to explore math concepts.

With Zearn digital math lessons, students learn middle school math with guided instruction from real teachers.

On-screen teachers, teaching math

Video lessons double down on the learning students are doing with you.

Zearn digital math lessons include visual models and representations of math concepts so students develop a deep understanding of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math.

Visualization of every concept

Pictures and models bring meaning to abstract math.

With Zearn digital math lessons, students solve problems with digital manipulatives and receive built-in Tier 1 intervention.

Problem solving with interactive models

Always with precise feedback so students learn from their mistakes.

Entry points

 into math, no matter their starting point.

Zearn math digital lessons help students learn new middle school math concepts with built-in learning acceleration.

Friendly on-ramps in every lesson

Concept development is designed to activate what kids know.

Students choose how to solve math problems in Zearn math digital lessons.

Multiple ways to solve problems

Every student has opportunities to choose their own strategy in math.

Built-in learning acceleration in Zearn digital math lessons give students support from prior grades in the context of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math.

Tips to get started on tough problems

The scaffolding students need to find their way in.

Multiple layers of differentiated support, 

all built-in

Zearn digital lessons provide built-in Tier 1 intervention to help students with grade-level middle school math.

Tier 1 intervention in every lesson

Just-in-time support adapts to evolving learning needs.

A daily formative assessment checks for understanding and notifies teachers when students are struggling and need additional support in math.

Daily digital assessments, embedded into learning

Teachers know when — and where — students need more support.

When students need more support in math, Zearn provides teachers with recommendations for connected foundational lessons they can assign for deeper intervention.

Foundational lessons for deeper intervention

Tailored recommendations from our K-8 math library, coherently connected to what you are teaching.

Zearn teacher helping kids with math online

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