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August 2022

Catching Up and Moving Forward: Accelerating Math Learning for Every Student

A new, national study powered by two years of math learning data for 600,000 students offers promising evidence that learning acceleration works at scale.

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February 2022

With Omicron, another inequitable shock in math learning

New research finds that students in low-income communities are experiencing a new and significant impact to their learning during this period of disruption from Omicron variant— while students in more affluent communities are largely unaffected.

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October 2021

Evidence of Zearn Math effectiveness

Landmark study shows schools that programmatically used Zearn demonstrated achievement gains equivalent to an additional 1.5 months of instruction—and positive effects compound over time.

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Visibility into math learning

Since March of 2020, data from Zearn’s nonprofit online math platform have been used by Opportunity Insights, co-founded by Harvard and Brown University researchers, to provide visibility into how the pandemic is impacting math learning by socioeconomic status and geography.
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