Math PD built by teachers, for teaching

From dedicated professional development courses to on-demand curriculum study, discover professional learning that will help your school or district make the most of Zearn Math.

Online and in-person professional development for teachers and leaders to support math teaching and learning
Math professional development for elementary and middle school teachers and leaders

Professional development for every stage of your implementation.

Upfront support to guide your launch

Every purchase of a School Account includes access to Getting Started with Zearn Math, a 1-hour orientation to the Zearn platform, including instructional materials and reports for teachers and administrators.

Dedicated PD to ensure sustained success

Come together with educators from your school or district for in-person or virtual PD sessions, designed to help you launch and grow your Zearn Math implementation, from Foundations sessions to Advanced PD.

Explore dedicated PD sessions for teachers and school leaders

Zearn Math professional development supports teachers and leaders to make the most of Zearn Math alongside your curriculum. Explore Foundations to launch your journey with Zearn Math, or dive deeper in our Advanced sessions.

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Using Zearn Math as your core math curriculum?
Explore detailed professional development plans for your district.
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Quotes from teachers and educators who use Zearn Math professional learning
Quotes from teachers and educators who use Zearn Math professional learning

The training helped me better understand how to support impact with Zearn.


I highly recommend Leader Training! I feel so much more prepared to support teachers with Zearn.


This training helped us scale the professional learning we provide to our community.

Zearn digital math lessons include visual models and representations of math concepts so students develop a deep understanding of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math.
 40 sessions of professional learning and instructional support for K-5 math teachers

curriculum study PD

Review math teaching strategies to decide how to best support your students. There are 40 sessions to choose from, covering every objective of K-5 math.

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