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Accelerate the impact of your tutoring program with the top-rated math learning platform that is built to help all kids love learning math. 

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Tennessee math standards aligned program

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Top-rated instructional materials for teachers
 Top-rated learning materials
Built-in learning acceleration for students
Resources for tutors
Real-time data visibility for teachers
Real-time data visibility

It just adds up.

Zearn’s research-backed and evidence-based approach to math learning helps kids *get it.*

Kids engage in rich math discussions with their tutor, exploring different ways to solve word problems.

Kids log in to Zearn and complete interactive digital lessons where they learn new grade-level concepts.

Math Magic! Kids get just-in-time support on foundational ideas within the context of their new learning.

Designed for acceleration

Differentiated support is built into grade-level learning. Because we've amassed the largest dataset on K-8 math learning, we can pinpoint the specific content students need to both catch-up and move forward in their grade-level learning.

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Tennessee math standards aligned program

What's included

Top-rated instructional materials
  • Digital math lessons for every K–8 math objective
  • Built-in Tier 1 intervention in all digital lessons
  • Embedded daily digital diagnostic in every lesson‍
  • Problem solving activities for tutors (in Spanish, too!)
Real-time data visibility
  • Detailed reporting for each student
  • Flexibility to share reports with teachers
  • School & district-wide progress across tutoring sessions
Resources to support tutors
  • On-demand PD to review instructional strategies
  • Tutoring with Zearn guides and schedules
  • Opportunity for training from Zearn Certified Advisors
Easy account setup
  • Individual logins for all students and tutors
  • Access to training from Certified Zearn Advisors
  • Setup & support from Zearn's team
Tennessee math standards aligned program


Tennessee math standards aligned program

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Zearn math book and notebook for students to learn math.
Tennessee math standards aligned program

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