ZEARN MATH in virginia

High-dosage tutoring with Zearn

Zearn’s K-8 math platform supports Virginia educators to accelerate math learning for all students. 

Zearn online learning platform helps K-8 students learn Virginia math standards
All school divisions in the Commonwealth have access to Zearn Math at no cost to support high-dosage tutoring programs.

Live trainings with the Zearn team have begun. Register now to attend professional learning sessions designed to help you launch your Zearn Math implementation.

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Learn more about how Zearn supports high-dosage tutoring programs in Virginia

Zearn Math 2024 Summer Intensive Series

Explore targeted math content designed to help Virginia students catch up and move forward in math learning this summer.

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Short tutorial videos to help you get started

Video showing how to navigate the main page of the Zearn platform from an educator account

Getting to know your educator account

Start off with this 20-minute orientation that walks you through Zearn’s approach and all of the features of your account

Video for Virginia educators showing how to monitor student math progress

Monitoring productivity with the Pace Report

Learn how to monitor student progress on Zearn.

Video for  educators on how to identify students who need differentiated instruction

Identify students who need extra support

Watch this video to learn which students might be unproductively struggling and might need additional support.

Zearn in your community

Teachers and families across the Commonwealth are already using Zearn Math to help students catch up and move forward in math learning. Check out materials to support families using Zearn.

Family resources
Quote from 3rd grade math teacher about how Zearn is effective and flexible
Zearn is effective, flexible, and includes all of the necessary resources to support my teaching.
Quote from 5th grade teacher about how Zearn is great for students and teachers
Zearn provides great support for students and is an excellent tool for teachers.
Quote from a parent about how their child loves Zearn Math
My child loves Zearn!

Start learning with Zearn this summer

With the CDE Zearn license, free access to Zearn Math starts this summer and continues through the 2023–2024 school year. Opt in now to start using Zearn's Summer Intensive Series across your school or district.
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