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Digital Practice: Exploring Zearn for Middle School

Explore how Zearn digital lessons help all students catch up and move forward in middle school math learning. Plus, preview new data that shows middle school students who consistently used Zearn digital lessons scored higher on state tests in 2021, no matter their starting point.

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Double down on math learning.

Zearn’s top-rated daily digital lessons align to your curriculum to reinforce and deepen the learning students are doing with their teacher.

Kids in classroom are learning math from their teacher.

Kids learn math concepts from their teacher, in the classroom, using your school's math curriculum.

Zearn math videos teaching math online.

They log in to Zearn and are given the opportunity to practice, explore, and put those same concepts into use.

Interactive math lessons online designed to teach math concepts to kids.

Embedded scaffolding provides just-in-time support that helps all kids catch up and move forward.

What you get

With Zearn, students learn the same concept twice—once with their teacher and once in our digital lessons—so they gain a deep understanding of math.


digital lessons for every K–8 math objective.

All aligned to your curriculum, with a consistent structure of fluency, concept development, and independent practice.

Tier 1 intervention

built into

every lesson.

Personalized boosts scaffold learning exactly when kids need it, getting them to deep understanding, fast.


daily diagnostic assesses understanding.

Our built-in daily assessment launches just-in-time support to respond to evolving learning needs.


intervention lessons.

Recommended foundational lessons for every concept, all coherently connected to core learning and completed from the same place as students’ core assignments.



on math learning.

Real-time data from the district level to the individual student.

Zearn works alongside



Zearn digital lessons are coherently connected to the math students are learning with their teacher in order to create an engaging and accessible math learning experience for all students.



of effectiveness.

Harvard graduate school of education study results showing Zearn Math effectiveness in math learning

Schools that programmatically used Zearn demonstrated achievement gains equivalent to an additional 1.5 months of instruction compared to schools that used HQIM alone.

Zearn is an evidence-based program as defined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), qualifying Zearn for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) and School Improvement funding.


Zearn teacher helping kids with math online

Learn more about how a school or district license can accelerate your students’ math learning.