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Support your students with Zearn’s blended K–8 curriculum, giving students more opportunities to explore math concepts with built-in differentiated support right when they need it.

Zearn Math for Tennessee is a blended K-8 math curriculum that includes a comprehensive suite of digital and print math instructional materials

Named to the Official List of Textbooks and Instructional Materials for Mathematics

Selected by Tennessee teacher reviewers, Zearn Math is the only nonprofit curriculum publisher solely dedicated to K-8 math learning.

Zearn Math for Tennessee supports Tennessee teachers with K-8 instructional materials aligned to Tennessee State Math Standards

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Explore the components of Zearn Math for Tennessee. Our comprehensive suite of digital and print materials supports teachers in planning daily instruction that meets the evolving needs of every student.

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ESSA-Qualifying efficacy research shows students experience significant growth in state math assessment scores with Zearn Math

Zearn Math efficacy research

Students who learned with Zearn experienced two times the growth on state assessments. Explore efficacy research from the past two years of pandemic-disrupted learning.

Zearn digital math lessons include visual models and representations of math concepts so students develop a deep understanding of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math.
Zearn math uses the same concepts that the best teachers teach with self-paced digital lessons


Zearn’s TDOE-approved math program accelerates math learning for students.

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Learn more about accelerating math learning with Zearn as a part of the TN ALL Corps initiative.

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We're here to support your local review of Zearn Math for Tennessee.

We're here to support your local review of Zearn Math for Tennessee.