A community of certified experts
to help districts and schools

Lead Zearn Math implementation


Experts in working side-by-side with district and school leadership

Strong implementations require more than great materials. Certified Advisors are expert professional learning coaches that  work side-by-side with district and school leaders to engage in cycles of planning, observation, data analysis, and coaching throughout Zearn Math implementation.

I could not be happier with the support  from our Certified Advisor. Our school admin teams are building capacity to lead the Zearn Math implementation, and are better prepared to support teachers with the program.”
District Curriculum Lead, Ruston, LA


A community of experts

Certified Advisors are individuals at partner professional learning organizations who have taken part in an intensive training program to become experts in Zearn Math implementation.  The following partners employ trained Certified Advisors:

Learn more about the expert coaching support available by accessing the 2020–21 Zearn Certified Advisor Support Guide. This Guide can help you find specific services that match your school or district’s needs, and includes contact information to reach out to each organization directly.


Immersive training programs

Through a balance of content exploration, experiential learning, and practical application, Certified Advisor Training covers both getting started with Zearn Math in the first year of implementation as well the multi-year efort of leading a high-quality math teaching and learning transformation. All Certified Advisors are recertified annually to ensure expertise is up to date.


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