Teaching meets technology

A teacher-designed online math program where kids independently learn and practice the same concepts they are learning in your classroom.

Laptop image wrapper

Short videos that explain math ideas

Say good-bye to long, boring instructional videos.

Problem solving with interactive math models

Your favorite concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations, digitized.

Pause points where kids stop and do math

Checks for understanding and engagement by having students do math problems online and on paper every few minutes.

Real-time feedback on every problem

Precise and encouraging feedback, just like teachers would give.

Built-in math help when kids are stuck

Adaptive pathways created using data from over 6 billion completed problems.

On-screen kids explaining their thinking

Opportunities for students to learn from other kids in every unit.

Diverse cast of on-screen kids and teachers

All kids see someone like them learning and loving math.


Zearn teacher helping kids with math online

You’re just a few clicks away from getting your kids’ brains growing, absolutely free.