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Learning Recovery Plan for 5th Grade

Grade 5 math activity, preview image

By the end of fifth grade, a student should be proficient with nearly all operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. In addition, 5th graders are introduced to the coordinate plane.

Summer Learning Recovery

In 5th grade, students grapple with a problem like 519 x 326 and are able to solve it in multiple ways and in a word problem context. They also learn to smoothly connect this question to 5.19 x 326 and solve that problem as well.

To master the critical content, current 5th grade students should complete the following ~40 Zearn Math digital lessons:

2020-2021 In-School Learning Recovery

Revised scope and sequence, by grade-level

Amended schedules that incorporate prioritized math concepts from the prior grade, while enabling teachers to teach grade-level instruction.

Distance learning resources

Webinars, checklists, overview videos and parent packs to get your students up and running.

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