Grade Intensive Series

A daily program designed to catch kids up on the big ideas of 5th grade, building a strong foundation for their 6th grade learning.

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Current 5th grade students should complete the following priority digital lessons. Resources for teachers, tutors, and caregivers to use alongside each lesson are also available.

Base Ten Operations

29 Lessons | Grade 5 Mission 2

Students combine their understanding of the base ten number system and properties of operations to perform arithmetic operations and solve more sophisticated, real-world problems with whole numbers and decimals.

Multiply and Divide Fractions and Decimals

32 Lessons | Grade 5 Mission 4

Students extend their understanding of multiplication and division of whole numbers to multiply and divide fractions through the context of measurement.

Add and Subtract Fractions

16 Lessons | Grade 5 Mission 3

Students extend their understanding of fraction equivalence to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators by starting in the concrete with area models, moving to the pictorial with the number line, and concluding in the abstract with numeric methods. 


What instructional content is covered in each digital lesson?

Digital lessons follow the scope and sequence of Eureka Math/EngageNY. They include fluency, concept development, and independent practice. Digital lessons received a top-rating from EdReports.org and are aligned to state standards.

I am tutoring kids in a summer program. Can I use this content? 

Summer Intensive Series can be used for summer school, tutoring programs, or targeted interventions. We also offer materials that tutors or teachers can use to facilitate rich math discussions around the core ideas of each Intensive Series.  

My child is new to Zearn Math. Can I use at home as a parent? 

As a nonprofit, our instructional materials are free for families and kids. Our Parent/Caregiver supports offer the information you need to create an account for yourself and your child, help your child log in to their account, and orient them to Zearn Math Digital Lessons, so they can begin learning with Zearn Math at home.

How much time does each digital lesson take?

Each digital lesson takes about 30 minutes to complete. Kids work through each component at their own pace. After completing one lesson, they automatically go on to the next lesson.

How effective are digital lessons?

Studies show that completing three Zearn Math lessons weekly alongside daily instruction leads to learning gains equivalent to 140 days of additional instructional days a year. Our materials qualify for newly released Federal ESSER funding.