Rising 4th grade math summer series

Summer math content focused on the big ideas of 3rd grade

Our curated series of 3rd grade math lessons is designed for students to complete over any 4-to-6-week summer program.

Video lessons double down on the learning students are doing with you.
Third grade math Introduces repeated addition for multiplication using number lines & equal groups of numbers

Multiply & Divide Tricky Numbers

21 Lessons | Grade 3 Mission 3

These 3rd grade math lessons focus on multiplication and division, which is key to success in later grades. Students work deeply with the commutative, distributive and associative properties and they’ll have problem-solving opportunities at the close of each topic.

Zearn digital math lessons include visual models and representations of math concepts so students develop a deep understanding of math.
Third Grade Math lesson plans help students understand multiplication & division facts by counting unit squares on a number line

Find the Area

16 Lessons | Grade 3 Mission 4

These 3rd grade math lessons continue the focus on multiplication and division as students explore area as an attribute of two-dimensional figures and relate it to their prior understandings of multiplication.


Our approach to Summer Series lesson plans prepare third grade math students with 4th grade math skills

approach to summer math

Zearn’s targeted summer math content series for rising 4th graders is designed based on:

Zearn Math helps accelerate learning for students

Big ideas of math that help students build dense connections within and across grades.

Data from billions of math problems completed on Zearn

Data from billions of math problems completed on our platform, with insights into precisely where students struggle and the most relevant foundational content.

Every digital lesson includes just-in-time support for students

Embedded math learning acceleration throughout Zearn digital lessons, including friendly onramps and just-in-time support on all grade-level concepts.

What's included with Zearn 3rd grade math lesson plans

What's included

Daily digital 3rd grade math assignments
Daily digital math lessons
  • Consistent structure of math learning activities, including new concept exploration with on-screen teachers
  • Built-in, personalized support right when students need it
  • Embedded daily digital diagnostic in every lesson
Real-time flexible data reporting for each student for teachers to analyze
Real-time data visibility
  • Detailed reporting for each student
  • Flexibility to share reports with teachers or tutors
Lesson plans include materials and worksheets for kids to solve math problems using hands-on practice in class
Materials for hands-on problem solving
  • Problem solving activities for teachers or tutors
    (in Spanish, too!)
  • Guidance to facilitate lively math discussions where students explore different ways to solve problems
Individual logins for students and teachers for use in and out of the classroom
Easy account setup
  • Free individual logins for all students and teachers or tutors 
  • Access to Zearn Help Center with 100+ help topics


Zearn's summer program materials include teacher instructional materials for students to learn math.
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