Press Release

Announcing Clever partnership

Zearn now has a partnership with Clever!

Zearn integrates with Clever as part of a School Account for automated roster management and seamless login. The Zearn/Clever integration pulls information that exists within the district’s SIS directly into Zearn. This enables teachers with School Accounts to skip setting up student accounts and passwords with roster setup and management, and use Clever Badges to help all students log in quickly, without entering a password.

When your roster information is provided by Clever:

  • All staff and student accounts will sync directly from Clever based on your school or district's Clever settings.
  • Staff and students will use their Clever credentials (username and password) to log in.
  • There are no Zearn login cards, as students and staff log ins are managed by Clever.

Zearn is a nonprofit curriculum publisher on a mission to ensure all children love learning math. Zearn publishes Zearn Math, a top-rated K–5 paper- and software-based curriculum that transforms the daily math block to create engagement and differentiation for all students. In addition to curricular materials, Zearn Math offers School Accounts to support district- and school-wide learning.