Press Release

Introducing Zearn Classroom Implementation PD

Zearn introduces Professional Development for the Zearn Math curriculum with Classroom Implementation PD.

Zearn’s on-demand professional development is designed to ensure every teacher is successful with Zearn Math and support year-long implementation of the Zearn Math curriculum. Zearn offers PD available to School Account holders and delivered through Zearn’s digital platform.

Classroom Implementation PD 

This PD option consists of 3 hours of interactive sessions designed to train participants on the Zearn Math rotational classroom model, including routines for Core and Flex Days and strategies for successful independent learning. This PD should be completed at the start of the school year.

Zearn is a nonprofit curriculum publisher on a mission to ensure all children love learning math. Zearn publishes Zearn Math, a top-rated K–5 paper- and software-based curriculum that transforms the daily math block to create engagement and differentiation for all students. In addition to curricular materials, Zearn Math offers comprehensive professional development and School Accounts to support district- and school-wide learning.