Press Release

Louisiana Launches New Initiative to Accelerate Student Math Learning


Anna O’Sullivan

BATON ROUGE, La., Jan. 11, 2023–The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) announced the launch of the new, statewide “Math Refresh” in accelerating the math learning of all K-8 students.  As a part of this initiative, LDOE is investing in high-quality instructional materials and professional development for educators to enhance the impact of extra learning time in math.  Zearn, the nonprofit educational organization behind Zearn Math, was selected by LDOE for this initiative. 

“Our vision for Louisiana students is both ambitious and attainable,” said Louisiana Deputy Superintendent of Education Dr. Jenna Chiasson. “It is our belief that every child can reach their potential, no matter their background. That’s why our ‘Math Refresh’ will equip everyone – system leaders, school leaders and teachers – with the tools and resources to engage all students in catching up and moving forward in mathematics.” 

Beginning this month, schools have access to Zearn Math, a top-rated math platform for K-8 students.  Implementation follows intensive virtual and in-person, professional development for Louisiana educators, which began in fall 2022. 

“Extra time must be coherently connected to what students are learning in core math time. It must also address any confusion students are having with new concepts. In guaranteeing this alignment and implementing extra learning at scale, the LDOE is helping to ensure Louisiana kids can catch up and move forward in their math learning,” said Zearn CEO and Co-Founder Shalinee Sharma.  

Zearn Math,  which recently expanded to offer a middle-school math curriculum, is rated a high-quality math curricular resource by Louisiana educators.  Additionally, a 2021 longitudinal study across five years and 800 Louisiana schools showed programmatic usage of Zearn demonstrated outsized achievement gains equivalent to an additional one and a half months of instruction. Recent studies demonstrate even larger gains for all students, including the lowest performing, and across student subgroups. 

About Zearn 

Zearn is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization behind Zearn Math, the top-rated math learning platform used by 1 in 4 elementary-school and 1 million middle-school students nationwide. Everything we do is driven by the belief that every kid is a math kid. For more information about Zearn’s work in Louisiana or across the nation, contact Anna O’Sullivan, director of communications, at