Press Release

Zearn Math tops the list of recommended K-5 math curricula in New Mexico state reviews

Zearn's elementary math curriculum—Zearn Math—is the only instructional material recommended for all grades K–5 in New Mexico, following a rigorous review process by the state's Public Education Department. Teacher reviewers gave the curriculum—including the over 800+ student-facing digital lessons—a score of 95% or higher in every grade. They determined that Zearn Math is a comprehensive research-based curriculum that aligns with New Mexico state standards, meets all high-quality indicators, and exhibits cultural and linguistic relevance.

Earlier this year, content experts in New Mexico determined that Zearn Math was eligible for a formal evaluation, kicking off a review process by experienced New Mexico teachers. After an in-depth review of all curricular materials—including comprehensive materials for teachers to lead daily instruction and software-based lessons where students learn concepts connected to their teacher's instruction—the teacher review team recommended Zearn Math for adoption for all grades K–5 in New Mexico, a distinction not given to any other elementary curriculum. Stephanie Ely, Zearn's Chief Academic Officer, noted, "We are a curriculum built for teachers, by teachers, and we are so honored that New Mexico teachers have awarded Zearn Math with this top distinction."

New Mexico's decision to recommend Zearn Math for all grades K–5 corroborates findings from other state and third-party agencies that have reviewed the curriculum. EdReports, an independent nonprofit that delivers evidence-based reviews of instructional materials, gave Zearn Math a top rating across all review gateways. Similarly, the Louisiana Department of Education labeled Zearn Math a Tier 1 curricular resource that "exemplifies quality" across all review dimensions. Like the New Mexico Public Education Department, both institutions evaluated and ultimately affirmed the focus, coherence, and rigor of the Zearn Math curriculum.

Zearn Math builds deep understanding of concepts and flexible problem-solving skills through an emphasis on visualization, drawing to solve, and concrete representations of abstract concepts. The curriculum's focus on inclusivity and accessibility aims to create a sense of belonging in the math classroom for all students and foster the development of tenacious, lifelong learners. Each day, students learn in flexible and feedback-rich environments and are supported in accessing grade-level math with on-ramps and personalized feedback embedded throughout the curriculum.

New Mexico's evaluation of Zearn Math coincides with a major milestone in the top-rated curriculum's viral growth journey: the comprehensive math program is now used in over 50% of districts nationwide to support daily differentiated instruction. Shalinee Sharma, Zearn's Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We began building Zearn Math seven years ago as a nonprofit to support teachers with helping all kids deeply learn and love math. With the feedback of educators, Zearn Math has grown from a digital learning program to a K–5 curriculum top rated by EdReports, other states, and now, New Mexico. We are so grateful to all those who have partnered with us on this journey and are honored to serve New Mexico students and teachers with our curriculum."