Press Release

Schools Nationwide Gain Increased Access to Top-Rated Math Platform  



Anna O’Sullivan

NEW YORK, August 05, 2022  – As teachers and students return to the classroom for a third year of pandemic-era learning, the collective work to get kids back on track, specifically in math, is a central focus nationwide. To support this effort, two nonprofit educational organizations  –  Zearn and  ClassLink – have teamed up to increase access to high-quality instructional materials in math.

ClassLink’s mission –  to remove barriers between students and impactful education content  – closely aligns with Zearn’s approach to access in making math lessons free to all students, teachers and families. As such, this new partnership allows any state, district or school that uses Classlink to more seamlessly utilize Zearn Math.  

“Zearn Math is technology that complements the work of great teachers and is easily integrated into tens of thousands of elementary- and middle-school classrooms each day,” said Stephanie Ely, Zearn’s chief academic officer. “With integration tools like Classlink, teachers can further focus on teaching and supporting students.”

Students who use Zearn show transformational growth. In fact, a longitudinal study across five years and 800 schools, shows that schools that programmatically used Zearn gained an equivalent of 1.5 additional months of instruction. ​​Additionally, during the pandemic, students at the lowest levels of math proficiency experienced more growth when using Zearn compared to a high quality curriculum alone — nearly 40% of these students moved up one full level on state assessments.

Zearn’s commitment to continuous improvement is fueled by data from millions of students solving billions of problems. Through partnerships like Classlink, Zearn has the opportunity to assist even more teachers in helping students move forward with their math learning.


Zearn is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization behind Zearn Math, the top-rated math learning platform used by 1 in 4 elementary-school and 1 million middle-school students nationwide. Everything we do is driven by the belief that every kid is a math kid. For more information about Zearn, contact Anna O’Sullivan, director of communications, at