Press Release

Seton Catholic Schools adopting Zearn Math curriculum across all twelve Wisconsin schools

Seton Catholic Schools—a Wisconsin-based school system serving 3,500 elementary students across twelve schools— has selected the Zearn Math curriculum for system-wide adoption for the 2018-19 school year. Zearn Math, created by the nonprofit curriculum publisher Zearn, is a top-rated K-5 math curriculum built for daily differentiation and engagement for all students.

Seton made their curriculum selection after piloting Zearn Math in six schools during the 2017-18 school year. Seton's curricula adoption process focuses on quality and innovation, and the school system has embraced technology's potential to create new and improved instructional resources that meet the needs of Seton's diverse student population. Zearn Math is the only curriculum "green-lighted" by EdReports that provides aligned materials for both teacher-led and digital instruction, a factor Dr. Bill Hughes, Chief Academic Officer at Seton, cited in their initial decision to pilot the new curriculum. "With Zearn Math, our students now learn each day with top-rated instructional materials in self-paced Digital Lessons with personalized support and in Small Group Lessons with their teacher and classmates," Dr. Hughes said. "Zearn Math shows how technology can help create a high-quality and cohesive classroom learning experience that meets the needs of a range of learners. At Seton, we believe student engagement is key to student achievement, and I've never seen our students more invested in math or proud of their math achievement."

In addition to materials for teacher-led and digital instruction, Zearn Math provides teachers and administrators with access to data on students' progress through the curriculum and areas of struggle. Educators at Seton schools piloting Zearn Math during 2017-18 found that this data in Zearn Reports empowered their instruction and implementation, according to Leni Dietrich, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Seton. "The age of technology we live in now has created new opportunities for us to improve the way we teach. The real-time data from our Zearn Reports helped us do a better job of making sure that students stayed on track throughout this school year to complete their grade-level content and ensured that we recognized and supported every individual learner. We're looking forward to using these tools to learn and grow even more when we implement Zearn Math in all Seton schools next school year."