Five-Star Review from Common Sense Education

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Zearn's elementary math curriculum, Zearn Math, received a top, five star review from Common Sense Education. The independent review team at Common Sense Education found Zearn Math to be “the perfect balance of online lessons and in-person support.”

Common Sense Education's review highlights  the “excellent scaffolding” of the Zearn Math  curricula, recognizing that each Zearn Math grade-level digital lesson includes built-in support on concepts from previous topics and grades, so that students can strengthen foundational understanding while learning grade-level concepts. Zearn Math builds deep math  understanding through an emphasis on visualization, drawing to solve, and concrete representations of abstract concepts. The curriculum's focus on inclusivity and accessibility aims to create a sense of belonging in the math classroom for all students and foster the development of tenacious, lifelong learners. Each day, students learn in flexible and feedback-rich environments and are supported in accessing grade-level math with on-ramps and personalized feedback embedded throughout the curriculum.

Read the full report from Common Sense Education.

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