Zearn Math Named to Tennessee-Approved List

At a Glance


Through an intensive review by the Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission, Zearn Math for Tennessee was selected to the Official List of Textbooks and Instructional Materials for Mathematics. Zearn is the only nonprofit curriculum publisher solely dedicated to K-8 math learning included in the list.

Zearn Math for Tennessee is a blended K-8 curriculum that offers a comprehensive suite of digital and print materials. Statewide, Tennessee districts can select from the list of instructional materials that is best suited for their teachers and students. 

“At Zearn, we believe all kids are math kids, and our aim is to complement the work of great teachers,” said Shalinee Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Zearn. “We developed Zearn Math for Tennessee to support teachers to ensure every student develops a deep understanding of math.”

Before this adoption, in 2021, Zearn Math was used throughout Tennessee districts as a digital complement to core instruction. In fact, more than 12,000 Tennessee teachers and 2,000 Tennessee parents utilized Zearn in support of 1 in 6 elementary-school students statewide. Additionally, in 2022, Zearn Math was selected through a competitive process to provide math learning content and real-time, progress monitoring for districts participating in the TN ALL Corps. The TN All Corps is a nationally recognized tutoring model endorsed by the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University.

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