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Join the Zearn team for “Getting Started with Zearn Math,” a 1-hour live orientation, free with your purchase of a School Account.

Zearn digital math lessons include visual models and representations of math concepts so students develop a deep understanding of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math.
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Make the most of your Zearn School Account

Flexible materials to accelerate learning across core math, tutoring, and intervention time.

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Recorded Training

This 45-minute session will orient educators to Zearn Math and deepen their understanding of Zearn’s adaptive digital lessons and comprehensive teaching materials.

Live Instructional Leader Training

Explore tailored PD sessions are designed to help you launch and grow your Zearn Math implementation.

Session 2: Recorded Training

This 90-minute session will explore Zearn’s progress monitoring reports and foundational lesson guidance in more detail.

Professional Development to support your implementation

Come together with educators from your school or district for in-person or virtual PD sessions. PD plans are designed to help you launch and grow your Zearn Math implementation, from Foundations sessions to Advanced PD.

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