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Find the resources you need to get started with Zearn Math, from logging in to implementing Zearn in the classroom.

Guide to logging into your Zearn account for math teachers and educators
Login Guide

Download a step-by-step guide to accessing your Zearn Math account.

 Zearn getting started checklist for math educators
Getting Started Checklist

All the info you need to get students learning with Zearn Math, all in one place.

Guide to using Zearn Math in Instruction

Learn more about how to integrate Zearn Math into daily math instruction.

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Zearn Math teaching resources

tutorial videos to help you dive deeper

Video on  how to sign into a teacher or administrator Zearn account

Signing in to Zearn

Learn how to sign in to Zearn for the first time as a teacher or administrator with this guided video.

Video on how to get started with your account after signing in to Zearn Math

Getting started with Zearn

Start off with a video that walks teachers through the process of getting started with Zearn once they have signed in to their account.

Video for teachers on how to assign students digital math lessons

Assigning lessons on Zearn

Watch this video to learn how to assign students to a digital lesson on Zearn.

Video exploring Zearn digital lessons

Digital lesson overview

Explore the daily progression of fluency, concept development, and independent practice in each of Zearn’s digital lessons.

Video for teachers on how to use Zearn classroom reports and data to support student math learning

Using Zearn Class Reports

Educators can watch this video to learn how to start using data from their Zearn Class Reports to support their students.

Video for school leaders on how to use administrator reports to support math learning acceleration

Using Zearn Admin Reports

Administrators can watch this video to learn the most important data to look for in their Zearn Admin Reports as their teachers and students begin implementing Zearn Math.


Explore these teaching tips and tools for your math classroom

to motivate math learning

Zearn supports districts and schools to foster a culture of math engagement and achievement. Check out our suite of free, downloadable digital resources designed to motivate math learning.

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Additional Zearn Math resources for teachers and administrators with School Accounts


Online summer math programs for elementary and middle school students

Keep learning with Zearn Math this summer

Explore the essential math content that will help rising 1st–9th graders catch up and move forward in math learning this summer.

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