Grounded in teacher practice, field research, and learning science

A set of foundational learning principles guides the design of Zearn Math. Combined, they create a math learning and teaching experience where all kids can love learning math.

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Everyone belongs and all math brains can grow

Through a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, our program helps teachers create classroom math communities where all students feel they belong and can love learning math. Our materials foster growth mindsets and a tenacity for learning, so students believe in their capacity to grow and can persevere through challenges.

Concept exploration begins in the concrete

We follow the concrete to pictorial to abstract approach, which teaches children to understand math concepts in an intuitive and tangible way. All students build a deep and sustainable understanding of math when they learn with this flexible and rich pedagogical approach.

Feedback, while learning, is precise, timely, supportive, and safe

During independent learning and in small groups with their teacher, students receive safe, in-the-moment feedback that precisely addresses areas of misconception. When students learn in this type of feedback-rich and supportive environment, they become resilient, self-directed learners and can love learning math.

Unfinished learning is addressed within the context of new learning

All kids can engage with grade-appropriate learning if they have the specific support they need. Zearn Math provides just-in-time support designed to integrate unfinished learning into the context of new learning, so all students make connections and accelerate.

Flexible learning environments deepen engagement and understanding

Every day with Zearn Math, students have multiple ways to engage in learning, acquire knowledge, and demonstrate understanding while they learn across a mix of instructional formats. Zearn Math’s flexible approach accommodates learning differences, encourages curiosity and exploration, and builds a participatory math dialogue.

Problem solving starts with visualization and drawing a picture

Math is about reasoning and solving problems. Just as mathematicians often achieve breakthroughs by visualizing solutions, students learning with Zearn Math build flexible and accurate problem-solving skills by representing their thinking with pictures.

Learning math is coherent and fun

Children who love math describe the curiosity and joy of exploring connections between concepts and working through problems. Zearn Math allows students to access math understanding—and have fun along the way—by teaching math as a progression of coherent ideas, rather than as disconnected procedures.

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